Steps for getting back to your routine

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It happens to the best of us, we are doing great until the unexpected happens and your routing you had worked so hard to maintain just gets knocked down on the floor and shatters into pieces.

Well this week was shattered by taking people to the airport at 4:00 am, taking care of my son because he got sick, then taking him to the doctor because he developed a ear infection. Don’t get me wrong I have my priorities set, for me taking someone to the airport is a big favor and I don’t mind doing it. Also when it comes to my family, they are at the top of the list, if anyone of them needs my help well I will drop everything and help out.

The issue is that that is exactly what I did, I dropped everything and it seems that until today I got at bit of a grasp of my schedule.

Yes its sucks, it sucks that I did not get to complete what I planned for this week but on the bright side my son is feeling much better and I had extra time to spend with him during the week.

They key when the unexpected comes is to know that you can’t control it, inevitably this will happen and that all you can do is adapt. I definitely think I could have done better adapting but that is the takeaway for the next time I fall in to a situation like this one.

Here are my steps for recovering from a routine break down.

  1. Breath and relax you cannot control what is happening and its part of life.
  2. Adapt Pick 3 important  items from your routine (running, meditation, time with your kids, reading, blog posts, etc) and try to make time for them at odd hours. Maybe you have to reduce the time you spend on each one until you get back on track.
  3. Pick a date to start back on your routine, if possible pick the next available day. I would not recommend you push it out until next week, the sooner the better.
  4. Take its slow and start back on your routine.
  5. Plan for the next break down. This will happen again, What could you have done differently to keep to your schedule even if it meant cutting your activities down to the minimum?

What happens when you break your routine how do you recover?


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