Do this when business is slow

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Having your own business means riding the waves of uncertainty,  some times you have allot of work you cant even get sleep and sometimes it seems you cat pull work even if you gave it for free. When business is slow is the time to clean shop and look at new opportunities and see what you can change to jump start your business, here is a list of things you can do when business is slow:

  1. Form a new habit:   Maybe now that you have more time on your hands you make a habit of waking up early to meditate or exercise. If the habit is built it will be difficult to break when it gets busy.
  2. Create a simple product: Instead of going for the next big thing make a product or find a product to sell in the lower price range ($20-$30) and that is easy to make or get. Push yourself to release the product in less than a week. A simple product may not bring the returns you want but could spark customers to buy some of the other items.
  3. Update old blog posts or product descriptions:  If you have an online store I would work on this first. The best thing to do is to ask someone to read your product description and make sure they get the exact thing you are trying to promote or sell. If they don’t get it then rewrite and have them read it again.
  4. Try something new: I know its stressful to see that business is slow but it is key to separate from those feelings in order to cultivate new ideas. Try going for a walk or maybe trying out stand up paddle boarding.
  5. Send a thank you note to clients: I love this one and it should be something we do more often. We are usually looking for the next customer or client but what about the clients that already know your service or your products? Send them a thank you note make them remember you again this could bring back more business.
  6. Read a book: This is key, I learn so much from reading and many times I need to read the book again again to remind me. Find a new book or read an old good book. Need a recommendation try this one The war of art by Steven Pressfield, its a great book that motivates you to look inward and break though the barriers that may be blocking your creativity.
  7. Audit you business: Have you done your books yet?, looked in to your taxes?, Are their any expenses you can eliminate? Yes I know its tough to do this but right now is the time to do it.
  8. Look at business elsewhere. I find myself getting in the online only hole, what about selling your items at a farmers market or see if you can run a pop up shop.

Do you have any other things you recommend doing when business is slow send me your comments as i would love to add to this list.




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