Navigating without a map

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I am reading through Seith Godin (Yes I am fan) book Linch Pin, like many of his books you can get a wealth of knowledge and insight for life, marketing, business and relationships, I would highly recommend clicking his link or looking him up on google.

Today as I was reading a chapter called “There is no map”, which talks about how there is no step by step instruction, that if followed, will allow you to become a leader or an artist. In this book artist is described as that person who has the magic to create, develop or make something bigger, could be a company a new product or a song.

Believe me as I read through the pages I understand the concepts and the anecdotes and the stories, but I can feel the frustration in me building up wanting exactly what he is saying I cant get, I want a step by step description on how to succeed, how to be a leader, how to be a true artist. 

Then I get to this specific point were he says:

No one has a clue about the map because there isn’t one.

The reason that art, writing, engaging, leading is so valuable is precisely why I cant tell you how to do it.

If there were a map there would not be any Art.

Because ART is the act of NAVIGATING WITH OUT A MAP.

And then in clicked, not a complete lights on click but enough to make me understand that I cannot expect to become what I want by following a map or a step by step guide.

I need be open to confront my fears and step by step keep moving, walking, running, cutting through rough patches. I may not know right away if and when I arrive to where I want to got (for me it would be being a leader and a successful entrepreneur) but if I don’t keep exploring I will never have the chance to get there.

Its a leap of faith and we need to keep moving forward. Keep walking, keep navigating with out a map, use your gut, your intuition, read, learn, try, fail, until you find your destination.




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