Shortcuts may cost you

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There are shortcut’s everywhere,

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You cant expect to reach your goals by taking shortcuts all the time, in many cases through tough times, you may not find a short cut and you may need to forge your own path.

I am not against short cuts, I will definitely take one when it makes sense but you have to know when it make sense and when it may be a dead end.

Seth Godin always has a way to say things better:

But if the shortcuts worked as promised, they wouldn’t be shortcuts, would they? They’d be the standard.

A shortcut is not an innovation. It’s not a direct path, either. Those work, but they require effort, risk and insight.

If you can’t afford the time and effort to do it right, you probably can’t afford to do it over after you realize that the shortcut was merely a trap.

Seth Godin



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