Being flip flop Dad


When I had my 9-5 job I always found it interesting when I would be driving to work and would see the guy about my age running.  I would ask myself What is that guy doing?, How can he be running when everyone is going to work?. On days whenI would have to go to a work meeting close to the beach and would see several guys my age walking around with their swimming shorts How can they do that? should they not be at a meeting or something more productive?

The one that would really push my buttons was when I would drop off my son at school in a hurry because I had to get to work on time. As I walked to drop him off I would see a smiling Dad in his flip flops dropping off his son and once again I would ask “How the hell can they do that?”.

Today I can say I am that Dad, the flip flop Dad, I took my son to school we drove slowly talked about the book we are both reading as we drove listening to music. I took the time to walk him to the door at school, kissed him good by and smiled. As I walked by I saw another Dad, another flip flop Dad and we had a mental high five and said “Yes we can do this”.

This is pure motivation to continue on this path, work to live not live to work.




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