Learn to play with your negative thoughts

Learn to play with your thoughts.png

We all have bad days and in those bad days it seems we tend to highlight key moments in which we may not have been at out best. Lets say you screwed up that presentation by putting in the wrong slide or you forgot the appointment you had planned for a couple of weeks in advanced. Essentially you feel like everything you are doing is coming out wrong and for what ever reason you mind likes to replay those moment over and over again causing you to feel bad every time you see them in your minds negative TIVO.

I am not sure why our mind repeats our failures but what I do know is that you can at least be conscious about your minds failure repetitions and instead of trying to block these thoughts, which usually tends to not work, you can recognize them and then let them pass. How you ask? well there are several ways you can let these thought pass by.

One approach is to imagine the failure as playing on a old TV set and just imagine that TV set is moving away further and further until you can’t really see what is happening.

If the moment was something you said or something you heard you may imaging that its playing on a stereo and you turn down the volume until you can barely hear it.

Another approach I like is to imagine that you see the failure event as a third person, maybe you see it happening inside a room along corridor you watch the event but instead of staying an watching it replay again and again you stand up walk out of the room and keep walking through the corridor until you can’t hear anything anymore, in essence putting it in the past.

It is not easy to shut off your thoughts, I still struggle with this but I find the exercises above help me release myself a bit from them.

Do you have any approaches you use to stop the failure event repetitions?





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