Double up when you screw up

Double up when you screw up

Today I woke up and looked at my messages and  found out that my customer in Australia received a package but one of the pieces was not the right one. Ah I was sure that I double checked the box to make sure I shipped him the right pieces, although he sent me a picture and it clearly shows that I made an error.

What should you do in these cases? for me its an easy, I call it double up when you screw up, meaning fix the issue but go beyond fixing the issue.

The first thing I did was to send him a message apologizing for the issue. I then went directly to my shop and found the missing piece and packed it. Additionally I included a extra gift for the trouble. I added a personal note tell him I was sorry for the confusion. Closed the box and ran to the post office, making sure that the issue would be solved before day light in Australia.

Keep in mind that shipping and extra box to Australia would pretty much put me at a loss, but for me its more important to make sure my customer knows that we are making the effort.

I explained this to my kids, I told them I made an error and that I doubled up and made sure I fixed it and went beyond the fix. They were so excited they wanted to help send the package away.  Below is the note I sent the customer.

It is the connection that is important even if you don’t get anything in return.

Hopefully the package arrives faster.


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