How to achieve happiness

The age old question, how do you achieve it? well I may not have the answer and I do not believe their is only one way of achieving it although I do know that a simple way to improve your happiness is to see at as described in this simple equation.


For example:

If your reality is that “I am making 450,000 a year” but your expectation is  “I should be making $250,000 a year” then you end up with a negative result or negative happiness.

The question is ” Does $50,000 meet your needs?, Does it give you time to work on the things your really want?” then if this is the case you can reduce your expectations and end up with a positive happiness value.

This equation is very straight forward and can be applied to any aspect of your life. It is all about perspective.

Our typical family vacation was to fly to Mexico for an all inclusive experience that usually ended up costing us $3000-$4000. This year we opted for short weekend outings bringing out vacation cost down to $1000-$1500. I can truly say that our short vacations have been as enjoyable as our typical all inclusive vacation. Mostly because our “expectations” got calibrated to enjoying the moments with out family. I could see this was true because both my wife and I could see our kids enjoyed themselves the same with our short vacations than with out long ones.

As a friend of mine said if you don’t know how to have fun with 5 dollars then you will never be happy.






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