Stay busy, but focused


Now that I am my own boss I find it easier for me to run off and distract myself, you know you get a email for a great opportunity or you start searching for the next big idea that makes you go on a tangent.

This is all part of the freedom of being your own boss but its critical to stay focused.

The best tool I have found to do this is via a task list, every Monday I plan out my activities for the week. I add how much time I expect to spend on each activity and prioritize my tasks. My goal is to complete at least 80% of my tasks, this drives me to continue to stay busy but focused.

I can’t avoid not being allured by an Idea that makes me spend 1 hour I did not plan on, that is OK as long as I finish the tasks I agreed on in the beginning of the week and that I meet my 80% completion goal.

I find that google sheets works great to track your task list as you can access it from you phone.

So remember stay busy, but focused. 


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