Let time stand still

My attempts on graphic design did not stop with one image, but continued. So on to the second which is not any better than the first but once again it I believe it puts a key point across.

Lettimestandstill8.5X11030115.jpgIn this one I show the silhouette of an hour class with the sand shown as circles but as they come down the intention is that they are floating in the air or in some sense they are freezing, standing still.

This image is mean as reminder to live the moment, yes I know this a cliche but I cant avoid it not saying it.  As simple as it sounds we should experience each moment as it is, remember to breath and experience what is happening around you.

Ask your self:

What is that smell?

What is that sound?

How does it feel just enjoying this moment?

What is that taste? (this works well when you are eating)

Enjoy looking at your wife and kids having a good time, and if you can let time stand still and take a metal picture of that moment but make sure to savor it as it is happening.

Take a moment and let time stand still.




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