Positivism, Yes that is what you should focus on!


A while ago I was in a graphic design art phase, you know the type where you see great work from other designers and tell yourself “I can do that” well I made a couple of renditions and well turns out I am not the greatest graphic designer.

But I tried to be, and created this poster called “only the positive” which hopefully you can see by the image and the text is a reminder to focus on the positive voice inside your head. I believe we all have voices (unless I am going crazy) and we tend to give the stage to the negative voice so it can shout and scream while the positive side is usually in a corner and you almost have to force yourself to hear him out.

Well it would seem this conscious action of only hearing the positive has to be forced in many cases as negativity tends to drown out the positive side of our inner self.

Hopefully this image brings a moment of attention to switch to the positive side, its better to have that voice on stage than the other.




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