The $50,000 rocking chair

Yes you heard it right their is such a thing but off course at this price this not any rocking chair is really more of a work of art.

Sam Maloof the self made artist woodworking genius is the creator of this beautiful piece. Born in California Sam started to make furniture for his mother when he was a young child and from then continued to work honing his skills with out any formal training.

His work is distinguished by its thin sleek lines and warm tones. Each piece is unique hand carved in to shape. He is the first craftsman to recover the MacArthur fellowship. He is truly an artist, humble and focused on making each piece be a reflection of his joy to make something beautiful.

Sam is no longer with us but his art continues to inspire woodworker and designers. If you want to learn more of San work you can see this video on you tube .

If you want to bid on the chair you can find the bid here


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