1000 year old bonsai tree

Why do I talk about bonsai trees? well I am just intrigued with the amount of meticulous effort it takes to plant grow and take care of a bonsai tree. Like anything worth it in life you have to continuously work at what you want in order to achieve great results. Now imagine a tree that has been taken care of for 1000 years. Imagine the number of generations that went through taking care of that tree, imagine how many lives that tree has impacted. That is what I think about when I see a bonsai tree.


1000 year old ficus tree

Recently I visited a bonsai tree display and was awestruck with several of the trees I saw. Really any tree can be considered and Bonsai all you have to do is plant in a small pot to avoid it from growing.


“an ornamental tree or shrub grown in a pot and artificially prevented from reaching its normal size”

I took a picture of the one I liked the most it is a California juniper tree. See the picture below what really stands out to me is the curved trunk, it almost makes it resemble a wave.


I have had my share of bonsai in the pass, I had to go through 3 bonsai’s until I got one that lasted me more than a year. It is not easy taking care of them but it is definitely rewarding trimming the leaves watering them and most importantly making sure they don’t dry die.

What is your thoughts on bonsai’s?


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