Never fold your clothes again!

Ok I must say if there is something I have always thought some one should make it would be a washer that dry’s and folds your clothes, or better yet an all in one clothes handler. Maybe I can’t get everything all in one machine but at least the folding part has been covered.

The team and Foldimate is coming out with a device that supposedly folds any type of cloths you throw at it. Doesn’t matter if it’s your oversized NFL jersey or you 6 year olds pj’s the foldimate will tackle it a snap.

All in all the idea seem promising but in actuality it seems the technology is not ready for release. If you watch the video you can see at the bottom of the video that they clearly state “model shown is an interactive design concept and not the final product”. So all you can really see is clothes going in and magically coming out, folded. I don’t know sounds like a Kickstarter ready to take your $980 and never give it back to you again.

The concept is great although can it really perform? We will have to find out in the future check them out at


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