The laptop table you can take anywhere.


4 Years ago I made a small prototype of a laptop table. Then with the help of some great people (wife & brother in law) we launched the product on Kickstarter, 30 days later the product was successful and we shipped 130 Tablio mini desk all over the world.


To this day we continue to ship Tablio’s and our customer continue to be very happy with our product. Out Tablio’s are not easy to make their is a lot of labor involved in making each one. I wont lie many times I cringe a bit when having to make them but with out fail every time I finish one I cant stop staring at it, the end result is all the motivation I need.


Tablio is the eco-friendly lightweight laptop table that lets you work any where you want comfortably, meaning you don’t have to use the damn laptop pad but you can actually use your mouse. Also you have a very practical side pad to place your phone.

Want to read our customers review please check them out here


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