How about working 4 days, but getting paid for 5

In New Zealand, a firm did just that, and what did they find out employees are happier and feel more energized after a long 3 day week end.

The bottom line is this, if you reduce the time to complete any task you are automatically more productive. Like anyone else, my problems solving skills seem to increase the closer I am to my dead line.

In the case of the New Zealand firm, Perpetual Guardian, it was clear that the team saw the benefit of the longer break and made sure that the work that needed to be done got completed in less time.

A great example of how they made their transition is seen in their meeting times, their original meetings would go on for 2 hours now with their new schedule they were reduced to 30 minutes.

What I take away from the study is that when their is pressure we can always get more done in less time. That is why it is so important to set a goal otherwise you will never see the improved creativity and productivity of working towards a deadline.

read more about this Here


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