Great offices spaces to work at, and yes I am sure its not your office.

If your work at an office I am sure you spend at least 50% of your active day inside. And if you have ever worked at an old building or office that has never been updated I am sure you will agree that a nice office has a huge impact on your productivity and happiness.

I looked around for great office spaces and sure enough the top places are the companies that are at the top, I compiled several pictures of the ones I though to be the best. What would you like to have in your office?

Etsy Brooklyn headquarters

Etsy offices as expected show a great mix between bright color patterns and green foliage (see wall). I am sure this combination nurtures relaxing feelings as you walk by the corridors.

Air bnb headquarters in San Francisco has a meeting area called the camping rooms, it make sense that hey would have them based on their business focus, I would love to be able to have a meeting in one of those rooms maybe I could bring a tent in to the office one day.


Selgas Cano Architecture Office has an interesting setup, this stretched out office peaks through in to grove of trees given its workers and truly natural office environment.


Colors abound at Pallotta Teamworks their use of containers for internal office is different although the colors maybe to much for working their all day.

Image result for google office

how could I miss google, their space is just awesome for doing everything but working. I especially like the small padded cocoons, I say they seem best for an evening nap.

Image result for great office spaces

And yes this is one of many slides they have at their campus, I should have been a programmer instead.


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