Is your career on a cruise ship or are you rowing your own boat.

on a ship or rowing your own boat

Have you been on a cruise ship? I have, and from the conversations I have had with others its seems that you either love them or you don’t. I actually like cruise ships you have everything you need there, you don’t have to worry about anything. Most everything you need for your vacation is taken care off. You just pay for your ticket, get on the cruise ship and on you go, activities, food entertainment are all included for you but you have to follow the rules of the ship.

When you land on a destination, you have to get off the ship at a certain time and you have to make sure you get back to the dock otherwise the ship will leave you. You cant just decide to stay more days at your destination as the ship has its itinerary and schedule.

Or lets say that during your cruise you see a beautiful remote island or spot and that you would like to visit, you cant just go up to the captain and say “hey would you mind turning and giving us some time to explore that island over there”.

In essence you can enjoy the trip but you have to abide by the rules of cruise traveling, sit down relax and enjoy having decisions made for you. 

I like to say that your path can take a similar view. You can have what I call a cruise ship job you arrive to your office/desk at a prescribed time you get to mingle with the other ship goers (co-workers) that are on ship and talk about the prescribed activities meetings, shows you watch on tv etc. If for what ever reason you would like to do something on your own or believe things should be done differently you can’t just change the rules of your job, you can just ask your boss to turn left to follow some idea you have that seems interesting. Like cruse ship changing directions will not be easy and may require a huge amount of effort. And if you want to improve or change or make something different the boss/captain will tell you, “sorry those or not the rules of this ship so sit down relax and continue writing those reports“.

A month ago I jumped from the cruise ship and I now find myself rowing my own boat. Its a small boat and I can feel how my old cruise ship companions look at me and say “what is that guy doing he had everything on this ship why would he row his own boat” .

Why you ask because, just like many others I feel the need to row my own boat, even though its difficult even though it seem crazy, even though I am scared my small boat can sink with my family in it, I need to try and see if I can find something interesting something better a place were I can dock and may be improve my boat make it bigger or faster anything.

I love cruise ships for traveling but as career I prefer to try and row my own boat, would your row your own? if you are share you comments any motivation helps.


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