There are always many options


I have been reading, (OK more like someone else is reading to me as its really an audio book) from Derek Sivers Anything you want: 40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur. 

This book is a summary of Derek’s journey through entrepreneurship and what he considers are the key learning points he want to share with other entrepreneurs. The book it self is a gem, its to the point simple and quick. Very accessible as each point is just a short 2-3 minute section with good examples and simple explanations. You can almost make it a routine of listening or reading a point every day or every week to make sure its sticks with you.

For today the point/section I want to highlight is called  “This is just one of many options”, his example talks about how a voice coach was helping Derek with a song he was having problems getting right. Derek was asking his coach to help him sing the song just as the original, but before helping him to do the original version the coach would ask him to do something else.

The approach was to have Derek sing the song in very different ways each time for example he would force him to sing it an octave higher, then an octave lower than twice as fast then twice slower then using a rough voice and then a squeaky voice. After this exercise he would ask Derek “Now how did the song go” and at that point he would realize that there was a infinite set of  ways the song could be sang.

The way the original author sings it does not have to be the way you sing it.

The way others are doing what their are doing does not have to be the way you do it.

What I love about this exercise is how It can be applied to different scenarios and how it could give you a different perspective.

Right now I am working on designing a new product similar to our compact alto stand but stand alone, meaning It does not need a desk for support.  If I take the same approach the voice coach proposed I can really see what are the other possibilities, what would my product look like in a alternate reality.

What if I make it twice as easy to assemble?

What if I make it out of the most expensive wood?

What if I make it so it assembles it self out of the box?

What if I make it so it can roll around your house?

What if I force to make it out of one piece of plywood?

The point is their are always infinite options and its important to force your self to look at weird and crazy options so you can find the best option.

To find more about  just type his name on google or click on the link I provided Derek Sivers


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