If you feel like hiding from that problem then don’t


I have seen through out my life that my natural reaction when confronting hardship and or problems is to hide from them. You may think this means that when things are not going well at work I will go hide somewhere the in the copy room but its not actually like that. It would seem that if your nature is to hide then your mind finds way to make this work, for example if you have a task to complete then maybe you “hide” from it by reading something on the web instead. If you know you need to call that customer to go through the latest shipment then you may hide from that event by delaying the call right until the end of the day maybe thinking “it will go to voice mail”.

These are just some example and there are many more but the key point I have learned from introspecting is that my nature is to hide from my problems, the solution is then to confront them head on as soon as I feel the urge to hide. I am still working at this but at least I know have a trigger that tells me when I should move forward.

What to do with a problem

Their is a kids book I love to read to my kids by  Kobi Yamada  called What do you do with a problem , it tells of a tale of a young boy that is scared of confronting his problem and that the more he try’s to avoid it and or run from it the less it will go away. At the end the beautiful illustrations done by  Mae Besom show that when you confront a problem head on you open yourself up for a opportunity.  It is a great read and a reminder to all that problems usually are opportunities if you confront them. 

What do you do when confronting a problem?




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