Compact and functional portable desk


A big part of why we do what we do is to be able to solve problem for our customers and make them love the products we make.

We have been very successful with our bamboo laptop table but many customers have asked for smaller lighter portable laptop desk. We took the challenge and made a Tablio flip, a compact laptop table that works any where and looks great. Made from the highest quality walnut veneer laminate, each Tablio flip is hand sanded and finishing using natural oils, no stinky chemicals that will annoy your family, coworkers or the environment.


Our walnut laptop table features a locking mechanism that support your laptop table horizontally so you can work comfortably in the couch or on your desk.

Portability was a key function, out table will fold in to a 11.5″ X 1″ size that fits most table bags.

Find out practical table by visiting our etsy shop.



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