Modern tree house

A couple of weeks ago the idea of building a tree house came true. It has been 3 or more years in the making but after a week of fruitful work we completed the first phase of the tree house.


This is the first phase as the house is not yet connected to a tree, so officially its not yet a tree house but more of a club house.

The plan is to build a bridge that connects to the tree behind the tree house, the bridge will be about 16 ft long we will need to make sure it supported in the middle. Then we will make a support structure around the tree so anyone can walk from house to tree making it an official tree house.


house 3.PNG

I love when ideas come alive, you can see a quick sketch of the club house I did using a paint app on my ipad. This sketch was enough to get the wife’s approval it definitively looks better than the sketch and that is always good.


The tree house actually works as a multi functional room, in the day it works as an escape for the kids were the can enjoy the outdoors will still playing lego or board games. It magical to read books to our kids inside the tree house. And then at night we added lights so it works great as a space to hang out .

Hopefully you enjoy this design and if you are interested in instructions on how to build it we can definitely put something up.

Thanks to my cousin Pedro who help out during the build, he was picking up walls with one hand.

house 1.PNGhouse 2.PNG


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