Yes you can have your home office, no extra room needed.

White leaning desk with wood and white desk decor near window

You think you need an extra room for your office? think again all you need is to find a spot that you can turn in to a great minimal office.

Here are three thinks to look for

  1. Shop for a small desk.
  2. Identify an underused part of your home to use.
  3. If you have one to spare, consider converting a closet into an office.

Ikea MICKE single desk $49 (MICKE filing cabinet is same height and could go beside it to create a longer working desk top)

Ikea is a great option for as small desk see it here

Symmetrical White Closet Office

Yes if you have a closet you can definitely turn it in to your own office.

A great way to save space is by using a desk that rest against the wall, Ana White has plans for your DIY project, she clearly explains how you can build your own leaning ladder desk/organizer.

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