Modern Horizontal Fence

Fence completed here is the close up.

Here is the before and after of our horizontal fence. All made from Clear Cedar and oil finished for long lasting protection. Numbers ordered from .

Several people are very interested in the fence so instead of emailing each one here are the detals of the material and the coating.

The wood is clear cedar, by clear it means there are no knots on the wood which give it the really modern look. The exact material is 1×4″ S4S WRC C & Better dry cedar. The stain is a superdeck clear stain brand and the type is Valley 1906, this stain gives it a real warm touch and easy to apply.

If any one has questions on dimensions or how to build it I can definitelly help.



  1. I love your fence design and placement. What size cedar did you use? What’s the oil product? Where did you buy your cedar? (I live nearby) Thanks!

  2. I also love your fence design. We are building a similar fence with clear cedar and love the color that you got with the oil. Can you let me know more specifics on the oil that you used to treat it? We went with 1″x4″ clear cedar, hopefully I didn’t spend more than I had to. Thanks!

    1. Steve thanks for your comments, nope you bought the right stuff anything else will not look the same. I know I am late with the reply but i have added the details to the end section of the pictures tell me if you have more questions.

  3. Hi there. I have been trying to find someone who has built this exact same wall for my address numbers. Would you be willing to share the design specs if you have or tell me where I could find them?


    1. Jeremy i just added the details to the end of the pictures above you should see all the details there. If you have more questions just ask.

  4. Hi, I’m interested in specs on how you built the fence. I’d like to do this for my front yard. Thanks!

  5. Hi Rodolfo,

    What does the fence look like on the back side? Did you leave the fence posts exposed or did you cover them on both sides?

    1. Lani,

      I left them exposed but both sides were coated with sealer so the wood ting is the same. It looks clean from both sides.


  6. Hi Rodolpho, would you mind emailing me the “how to”? It looks pretty simple, but I wanna know what all is involved. Thanks!

    1. At the end of the post there are some quick details i will add more of a “how to” section for the fence, please check back.

  7. Hi Rodolfo,
    I found the link to your site from My wife and I love your wooden fence. Would you mind emailing me the “how to”? I would like to be able to construct this myself. Would you mind sharing the info on how to secure it to the ground as well? Thank you so much!! you have a beautiful site!

      1. Thank you so much, Rodolfo. We really appreciate it.



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      2. love the fence, thank you for providing the materials list. any info related to construction would be greatly appreciated. thanks again

  8. I love this! Can you email me the specifics (dimensions, how you connected pieces, and how you anchored it into the ground)? Thanks!!

  9. Guys I have added detail instructions on how to build the fence on the main page as promised. Email me if you have any questions.

  10. Hi – I want my contractor to build this fence. What is the spacing between the slats? What material are the Posts? How would you make it a gate?

  11. hi there! this is fantastic! while we only just now came across this great photo, we want to thank you for choosing modern house numbers for your project, and for sharing our website with your readers. your fence is so beautifully done and such a creative way to screen and address your property. our palm springs font was a perfect fit for the modern design and detailing. we’d love to see more images if you have time to email us a few. many thanks! – brandy and the MHN team

    1. Brandy no problem feel free to share it in your website anytime some one ask for house numbers i have sent them your way.


  12. Hello. Nice work! We want to run this theme throughout our property (window boxes, fences, etc.). Can you please tell me how wide these boards are? I’m trying to figure out how wide to make them so the look good both in bigger applications like a fence and smaller applications like a window box without having to change the scale if possible. I like the scale of yours and would love to know how wide the boards are for context. Thanks!

  13. Rodolfo, we just put up a horizontal fence around our yard. We’re trying to figure out stain & yours looks lovely. I’m just having a hard time seeing how it’s the 1906 Valley, which has little to no color (I happened to have the booklet at home). did you pick only the darkest cedar boards? Ours are not clear and have a lot of variation.

    1. Hello Eran Yeap that is the one we used if you are using cedar or red wood it will turn that color after you apply it, just try a bit on a sample piece and you will see.

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